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When you get the chance to help those in needs, especially small kids, you do it!  This morning, Earth Brands participated with 5 other footwear companies around the Boston area at Cradles To Crayons – an amazing Boston and Philadelphia based organization that helps provide children from newborn to 12 years with the essential tools needed to thrive at school, home and play. 

The Two Ten Footwear Organization helped organize the event (and countless more events like this across the country during the month of April) – showing that #FootwearCares! 

Thank you to the generous people at #CradleToCrayons and the #TwoTen foundation for including #EarthBrands in such a special day! 

To learn more about Cradle to Crayons:

To learn more about the The Two Ten Footwear Foundation:

The sun was finally shining and the temperature rose above 40 degrees.  We got lucky since we were scheduled to scout some potential photo shoot sites for the Fall Catalog.  Not only we did get to enjoy a little sun on our skin, but we met THE nicest people (and animals) along the way.  It was a good day!  Special thanks to Cider Hill Farms in Amesbury, MA, Green Meadow Farms in Hamilton, MA and Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA.  We highly recommend visiting all of these farms whenever you have the chance!! 

Earthies Wins Design Excellence Award for Women’s Comfort


 - Originally posted by Footwear Plus Magazine, New York City, NY, March 2014 -

Today Earthies® fits so effortlessly into women’s wardrobes and onto store shelves that it’s easy to forget that when the line debuted in 2011, its objective was to bring a new approach to the comfort business. “We were creating our own space by offering a product that would deliver a higher degree of sophistication to the consumer than what was available in traditional comfort footwear,” recalls Angelo Romero, executive vice president and chief product designer. Flash forward to 2013 and the brand that made a mark by blending on-trend silhouettes with an exclusive contoured footbed (recently revamped to feature a more flexible forepart) is now ready to implement more novel designs into its collections. The shift in design approach grew out of feedback from Earthies’ retail partners, Romero notes.

This past year the brand visited with retailers across the country to gather information and identify opportunities. And Romero says retailers didn’t hold back. “They were excited to communicate what they felt was right and where we could improve,” he explains. With that feedback, the company rolled up its sleeves and went to work. Traditional ballerinas expanded into new toe shapes. Low, wearable heels were developed for sandals and transitional styles, and materials and soles were streamlined. And by working more closely than ever to market, the Earthies product development team was able to tap into the demand for trendy pumps in summer colors and fall loafers and oxfords. “I believe the consumer looks to our product because they no longer have to compromise,” Romero says. “They don’t have to choose between feeling good and looking good.”

The market responded enthusiastically to Earthies’ collections, and in some cases the brand has been hard-pressed to meet reorder demand for bestsellers, Romero says. In-demand styles included the Bindi flat with lace-like cutouts, Casella peep-toe wedge and the Bello multi-strap flat sandal. “The sourcing team had to be very creative attending those reorders,” Romero says. “But those are good problems to have. It shows that our strategy is correct and that there is a lot of potential with the brand.” —A.Vimage